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Rest Easier: Recent Hotel Upgrades

We travel quite a bit ourselves, even as hotel operators our trips to and from events are frequent. We know what we like, too. Now we’re doing even more to bring some of these upgrades to our Superior Oasis.

This past March we completed renovations on 25 rooms at the Comfort Suites. We updated the design, replaced sofa-beds, upgraded lighting, mirrors and artwork. The look and feel are improved and we really hope you enjoy them! In our next blog, we’ll have some updated photos of the improvements.

Even more aggressive was our approach toward technology upgrades. We now offer 48 Channels on DirecTV with 4 Showtime Channels! We’ve also brought in a direct fiber optic pipeline: no bandwidth sharing, with 10 mbps up and down! We know you like to be productive and this network upgrade should really help out.

Coming up:
We’re installing 37” flat panel LCD TV’s at the Comfort Suites and also adding 12 High Definition Channels, including another Showtime Channel. Now you can work faster, get finished with your day and relax with HDTV and great channel selection.

Days Inn will see the installation of 37” LCD TV’s in all the King Rooms and Suites. The remaining rooms at the hotel will be completed with 32” LCD TV’s, and our HD Channels are available at the Days Inn too!

Our #1 Goal is to maximize your stay. By focusing on technology upgrades, entertainment and relaxation, we hope we’ve improved your experience at the Superior Oasis! Please Contact Us if you have any questions or feedback.