Spring Break Snow Biking

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Whether you are coming from a snow-laden region like the northeast, or hailing from a more pleasant weather state like California, Marquette is a great option for your spring break getaway. The latest craze in snow sports is snow biking, using specially designed fat bikes that feature wider, thicker tires that can run at low pressures and tackle deep snow and soft sand with ease. These bikes give you a whole new way to enjoy the snow, and biking for that matter. In fact, the sport has seen its first race come to Marquette! On Saturday, February 21st, the inaugural 906 Polar Roll debuted, with two options: a 35 mile race and a 15 mile race. The race was a huge hit, and all the racers and their families met for the After Party and awards ceremony at Blackrocks Brewery!

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If fat biking isn’t your thing, Marquette Mountain still has great ski packages. Get a great rate through our Hotel Vacation Packages…you will be happy you did! For Cross-Country skiers, the Noquemanon Trail Network is also in terrific shape this year. Either way, remember that we have our own dedicated Ski Waxing rooms at the hotels!