Spring! NMU & Our Community

The Superior Oasis family of business was founded on, well, family. Family and community go hand in hand and Northern Michigan University is a vital part of both. Not only in Marquette County but the entire Upper Peninsula Region and beyond. The diversity, culture and exposure our community gains in partnership with NMU is truly a blessing.

With Spring in the air, the community is buzzing with spring break, warmer weather and plans for summer. At Superior Oasis, we’re excited for the summer travel season and to see our area prosper with the continuing trend toward increased tourism numbers. Hudson’s Classic Grill & Bar is ready to open the patio up and enjoy the summer breeze, a burger and a cold beer. Starting your day after a relaxing stay at the Comfort Suites or the Days Inn is best achieved with a breakfast at Perkins! Superior Oasis offers the complete package.

We’re also excited to continue to support NMU football, the university and its staff and students. Our Superior Oasis family of businesses happily employs NMU students and we encourage them to do the best they can to get a good education. We know that summer is ‘break-time’ for some students, but for the student athletes we’re happy to support, summer is when they train, practice & improve and get ready to tackle the next school year.

Supporting our community and NMU are very important to us. We are thankful for the support we get as business owners in Marquette County and do our best to show our appreciation by returning the favor to NMU and our community.