Superior Oasis Updates

Hi. We’ve been busy serving guests and enjoying another great Upper Peninsula summer. Here’s a quick peak at what we’ve been up to, improving business services, adding community information via concierge and more!

Business at Superior Oasis
We upgraded the collective computer power in our business center to really help you get the job done. Bigger computer monitors and faster bandwidth speeds are just the start. Our Internet is the fastest in the area, because we’ve invested heavily to make it that way! We’ve improved our network security, so you can do whatever you need to do; securely. Printing is also a snap, it’s also free along with sending a fax.

Dining and Unique Room Service
We’ve whipped up the “Your Morning Breakfast” promotion, serving fresh daily hot meats and eggs, coffee, regular and flavored, waffles and more. We know it’s important to start your day off right, work fast, and relax when you’re finished! (no, really, we get it!) If you want more we have two restaurants just steps away: Hudson’s and Perkins; and you’re a shoe-in for 10% off as well as free room delivery.

Relax & Enjoy Your Stay
We hope you enjoy your stay. Our pool area has been redecorated with custom murals of the Marquette Michigan area displaying scenery and history. A neat experience for all ages to better understand the beautiful U.P. We’ll have photos of this unique look up on the website soon.

We’ve also been keeping our events page current on our website so you’re just a click away from accessing all the exciting events taking place around Marquette.

When you’re ready to wind down, our HDTV offerings provide the best viewing channels in the area on new flat-screen televisions.

Oh, we almost forgot: Ask about our K-9 Friendly Days Inn. We’ve got a Puppy Package that will make traveling with your entire family even easier. Fantastic Dog Friendly Hotel ready and waiting for you.

Looking for your Oasis when traveling to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? Be sure to Stay & Play at our Superior Oasis!